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Mirasaka ceramics studio is a addition to the existing camp studio as a part of Haizuka Earthworks Projects.

We selected the structure and the building materials by treating the architectural components, such as the interior/exterior finish and sashes, with as equal importance as to the structure itself.

Gate-shaped frames consisting of wooden posts (90mm x 105mm) and beams (90mm x 240mm) are laid out at a 600mm pitch to comprise the overall structure, in a checkerboard pattern that cannot be easily achieved with conventional wooden structures.

The pre-cut posts and beams are joined with metal fittings especially designed for wooden structures to minimize dimensional loss, and are fixed onto a concrete floorboard which is likewise elevated from the ground. These frames, which serve as a mullion for the sashes, double as the backing for the interior/exterior finish.

The external clapboards and battens are coated with wooden preservative paint of different colors, so that visitors can enjoy ever-changing expressions as they shift their gaze along the facade of the building. Colors sampled from neighboring buildings are used on the external checkered pattern, with each facet featuring a different color combination. This gives the building a diverse expression, yet concurrently allows it to harmonize with the surrounding landscape.

Indoors, coniferous plywood, lightly colored with a white preservative paint, line the walls, in random sizes and layout, yet based on careful calculations so that there will be no leftover material. Combined with the beauty of the wood grain, they bring a refreshing atmosphere to the indoor space.


* Haizuka Earthworks Projects

EarthWorks Projects is an environmental art activity launched in 1994 as part of the program for reconstructing the Haizuka Dam Area in the northwestern part of Hiroshima. 

Through the executive committee, composed of experts, artists, architects, scientists as well as representatives of the region and the Ministry of Construction, EarthWorks Projects continues to propose and carry out diverse educational and cultural activities.

Since 1994, we have provided a Summer Camp Program, Workshop program, Exhibition program, and Artist-in-Residency program to interpret and incorporate the Haizuka's local culture and nature into art activities. 



Project data

awards :American Wood Design Awards 2002 Best of Non-Residential / Selected architectural designs of AIJ 2003

location :Mirasaka Miyoshi, Hiroshima, Japan(old: Mirasaka, Futami, Hiroshima, Japan)

client :Mirasaka town

design period :1999.07~1999.10

construction period :1999.12~2000.04

principal use :Ceramics studio

architect : Hideki Yoshimatsu + archipro architects

project architect : Hideki Yoshimatsu, Michio Maeda

structural engineers : archipro architects+SDA(Syoichi Kitajima)

general contractor : Mitani Kensetsu

building area :116.64 m2

total floor area :112.14 m2

structure :wood; 1 story

issue : PARALLEL NIPPON Contemporary Japanese Architecture 1996-2006 / Phaidon Atlas / hinge 0406 / Selected architectural designs of AIJ 2003 / SINKENCHIKU 0008



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