cemetery for the unknowns


We were commissioned by the town of Mirasaka, Hiroshima prefecture to create a space in memory of the submerged "Cemetery for the Unknown", which will disappear through the construction of the new Haizuka Dam. This space was realized as one of the Haizuka Earthworks Projects we have been involved with for the last 10 years. 

The local people's request was "a memorial space in shape without religious factor." As a result, we decided to place 1500 stainless steel rods with 2m heights, replanting a symbolic tree "Tarayoh" and planted new young trees on both sides. The "New Cemetery for the Unknown" was successfully completed in April 1998.

Having in mind "the seen and the unseen," and "the gap between architecture and art," we managed to create an ephemeral kind of mysterious atmosphere.

* Haizuka Earthworks Projects

Haizuka Earthworks Projects is an environmental art activity launched in 1994 as part of the program for reconstructing the Haizuka Dam Area in the northwestern part of Hiroshima. Through the executive committee, composed of experts as well as representatives of the region and the Ministry of Construction, Earthworks Projects continues to propose and carry out diverse educational and cultural activities.




Project data

award :Dedalo Minosse International Award 2004 /  l’ARCA Special Prize / ar+d award 2002, Grand prize / Award for color in pubric space 2003 / selected architectural designs of AIJ 2000

location :Mirasaka, Miyoshi, Hiroshima, Japan

client :Mirasaka town

principal use :cemetery

design period :1997.11~1998.01

construction period :1998.02~1998.04

architect :Hideki Yoshimatsu + archipro architects

project architect :Hideki Yoshimatsu, Michio Maeda

general contractor :Kato-gumi

site area :290 ㎡

issue :The Sourcebook of Contemporary LANDSCAPE DESIGN / Ultimate Landscape Design / Lotus 130 / area 83 / Phaidon Atlas(E, J) /  Architecture+ 0407 / hinge 0406 /  l’ARCA 0402 /  Architectural Review 0212 / SHINKENCHIKU 0008 / selected Architectural Designs of the AIJ 2000 / space 9905 



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