This small house is built at a very small typical mini-developed site, which is also located in a typical built-up housing area in Tokyo. I proposed New urban house form against densely area like this.So I decided to call this house, "Tokyo".

Within this project, I proposed new urban lifestyle, which was made by overlapping programs and new design possibilities against built-up area. First, I divided the envelope by the law to the Concrete box, north and the Glass box, south. And then stacked 2 volumes, which had 4m ceiling height space in them.As a result, this house is included new interior space just like a terrace, and represent new urban life style against the Tokyo urban environment.




Project data


award :The 4th atatakana jukukan design competition / Merit award 

location :Setagaya,Tokyo

principal use :private residence

design period :1999.01~2000.12

construction period :2001.01~2001.08

architect :Hideki Yoshimatsu + archipro

project architect :Hideki Yoshimatsu, Michio Maeda, Kyoko Yamaga

structural engineers :SDA (Syoichi Kitajima)

general contractor :AOKI KOUMUTEN

site area :61.02 m2

building area :34.30 m2

total floor area :97.38 m2

structure :reinforced concrete,Steel frame;

1basement,and 2 stories

issue :JT 0204 / Konnaie ni sumitai 0310 / Detail 04 spring / hinge 0406 / Pen 0412 / XXSMALL HOUSES 



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